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Peter Loebel was born in Munich, Germany in 1961. He currently resides in Victoria, BC and works as a full time artist and art instructor. His art work focuses on the human figure and more recently on architectural topics. All figure works are created from a model in life drawing sessions. Architectural paintings are done on location in and around Victoria and while traveling. He is a member of several art groups in Victoria such as the Al Fresco Painters and the Victoria Urban Sketchers.
Peter predominantly works with Charcoal, Conte, Nu-Pastels, ink and watercolour. He develops his drawings and watercolours from a quick gesture and finishes them on site in one session, without reworking the image later in the studio. He believes that this process, together with distinct mark-making allows him to better depict the moment. Each representation attempts to break the static condition of the subject, revealing a vibrant movement and creating a transitional snapshot.

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