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Jeffrey Birkin

Birkin has been a Maple Bay Peninsula resident for 20 years and a professional artist for 30 years with works held in public and private collections worldwide. His paintings are a collection of works inspired by local and exotic visions he’s had over the years. Growing up along the seaside in Roberts Creek instilled in him a lifelong love of the sea, and his city seaside scenes reflect his sojourn living along Beach Avenue in Vancouver.

Winters in Mexico led to a large series of works inspired by the seaside towns of Mexico, exhibited in a solo exhibition at the Richmond Art Gallery in 1994. Birkin recently revisited Mexico and painted a show in Puerto Vallarta in March 2016.

Sansum Narrows became his seaside home in 1996. The jewel in the rough coastline, swift currents, and steady breezes are the present source of his creative juices.