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March, 2016

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Where to buy Divalproex tablets, Divalproex without prescription

Jennifer Hedge
After finishing her studies in Fine Arts at Okanagan College, Jennifer began working full time in theatre as a scenic artist at venues such as the Vancouver Playhouse, Calgary Opera, and the Banff Centre for Continuing Education, where she was Theatre Arts Faculty for 22 years. As a result, she has gained recognition as one of the best theatre set painter in North America. This has also given her the ability to paint large, enabling the creation of bold, haunting images.
Jennifer’s main inspiration comes from nature. The impact of humanity on wild places and the creatures which inhabit those places is a recurring theme throughout much of her artwork.
“I hope that my work will remind people of the beauty that surrounds them, and that paying close attention to the details can lead to more protection for these exquisite landscapes.”

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Sculptor and Painter –

co-creator of the Shibui Gallery

Jock is a graduate of Emily Carr University with an international reputation for large sculptural projects, primarily in bronze and stone. His vision of sculpture has been gathered from his almost 40 years as a professional artist. Many of his ideas stem from his interest in anthropology and ethnology, as well as extensive travels. These influences are often portrayed in his works, but also interspersed and blended with his love of the ocean and the West Coast topography.
In addition to creating sculpture, Jock is also an accomplished painter. In the 1990’s he was cited by Dr. Edward Gibson, Curator of the Simon Fraser University Gallery, as one of the three best watercolor artists on the West Coast (along with Toni Onley and Mark Tobey).

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